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Griddles vs Grills

Griddles vs grills you ask? Backyard grilling has been a part of the American vernacular for a long time. Charcoal grills were a mainstay outside most houses for several decades. Eventually, full-sized liquid propane grills came on the market and the industry exploded. It’s hard to find a home in North America that doesn’t have a charcoal or propane grill sitting outside! However, there’s a new movement in the outdoor cooking industry. A fast-growing segment of the population has forsaken traditional grills for griddles. They have become griddle enthusiasts.

The word “grill” has many connotations. For the context of this article, allow me to clarify.  I’m referring to a grill as a traditional propane or charcoal cooking device that has grates on top. Grates are parallel or latticed bars on or in a cooking appliance upon which food is placed allowing flames to come in contact with food. On the contrary, I’ll be referring to the griddle as a flat top cooking surface without openings or grates. The griddle cooking surface is one solid sheet of metal. This type of cooking was once only available commercially to short order cooks. Nowadays, outdoor griddles or flat top cooking surfaces are available to consumers almost everywhere.  In short, the griddle has become a canvas to culinary artists of a new breed.

Elevate Your Outdoor Cooking

If you want to cook outdoors but desire to attain the same perfection that you have inside your house, the griddle might be the best option for you. Do you want to cook outdoors for a large group of people but serve restaurant-quality food? Then, I suggest buying a griddle or putting it on your Christmas wish list. Blackstone griddles range from a whopping 36″ wide of cooking space all the way down to 17″ giving you wealth of options. The 36″ Griddle Cooking Station is my all-time favorite outdoor cooking device.

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