Welcome to White’s Ace Contractor Referral program.

White’s contractor referral program was created with the intention of expanding our “Great Service” commitment to our customers by connecting our customers with people to help them with their projects.
Our two main goals with this program are 1) Provide our customers with reliable and reputable contractors 2) Help support other small businesses in our communities by connecting them to people needing their services.

Helpful Hiring Tips

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We do not endorse or recommend the services of any particular Service Professional. We do not independently verify any particular Service Professionals’ representations about their services, nor validate any reviews.  It is Your sole responsibility to evaluate the Service Professionals and the Service Professionals’ qualifications, and to enter into a direct contract or otherwise reach agreement with a Service Professional. We do not guarantee or warrant any Service Professionals’ performance on the job or the outcome or quality of the services performed. Neither You nor any Service Professionals are employees, principles, agents, contractors, subcontractors and/or independent contractors of White’s Ace, nor is White’s Ace an employer, principal, agent, contractor, subcontractor and/or independent contractor of You or any Service Professional.  Please review our “Terms of Use” to see all legal information regarding the hiring of service professionals.